Looking At The New CineStill 400D Film: A Marvel Of Film making

CineStill Film 400D 2

Welcome back! As promised, Australian Photo Supplies continues exploring film photography with this week’s focus on a specialty film emulsions, specifically the CineStill 400D. Being passionate advocates of film photography ourselves, Australian Photo Supplies is happy to share its knowledge and experience regarding this outstanding material with its customers. People that used the CineStill 400D
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Fastbook Professional: The Premium Imaging Solution

Fastbook Professional

Fastbook Professional is a groundbreaking imaging solution designed for professional photo finishers and commercial printers who aim to offer top-quality photo products. This innovative technology is revolutionising the photography industry, bringing an unprecedented level of sophistication and customisation to photographers. When it comes to quality Swiss made Fastbook Professional equipment, our team at Australian Photo
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Unleash The Power Of Sublimation Printing With Australian Photo Supplies’ Expertise!

Sublimation Printing

Welcome to the world of sublimation printing, where design possibilities are endless and vivid colours come to life! Australian Photo Supplies is pleased to demonstrate its unmatched knowledge in sublimation printing so that you may fully utilise this exceptional technology. So, prepare yourself for an experience of colour, imagination, and invention. Discover the art of
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Silver Halide Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Silver Halide Printing

If you’re new to the print-on-demand game, you’re probably trying to figure out all the different printing methods available. It can be a lot to take in! Surprisingly, there are so many printing options to choose from! You’ve got screen printing, inkjet printing, and even dye-sublimation printing. Let’s not forget silver halide printing. The product
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