Noritsu Printing: transforming film negatives to Digitals

Among the best peripheral devices to uphold this analog revival

It is not hidden how digital technology has shaped the world with new advancements and breakthroughs. And the photography world is one that went through dozens of changes! Better processor architecture, faster memory modules, and enhanced software solutions; take any aspect of photography, and you’ll see the evolution. With time analog photography has been transformed into digital photography; digitalisation didn’t even spare photography! But some photographers still choose to capture with their 35mm machines (Film cameras). Yes, the film is far from dead—it’s a new dawn! 

No wonder many shutterbugs are now dusting off their old vintage film cameras.


Wait, but how are we gonna see those breathtaking film camera pictures? Instagram feeds need digitals… Well, that’s what film roll scanners like “Noritsu” are for!

Didn’t get it? Australian Photo Supplies have that write-up that unrolls the entire roll of information to help you. Let’s begin.

Our digital world and the film reels

Since digital photography enables us to assess the quality of the image immediately right after it’s been taken. One can always edit photos before sharing to ensure that a perfect picture is produced every time. The photos captured with digital cameras can be easily uploaded and shared online—a feature that many businesses across the world have capitalised on. So why should film photographers miss out on this? 

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The advent of film scanners  

The feeling of taking photos with a film camera can’t be explained, but still, if one has to put those feelings into words, then it would be like;

  • Witnessing the surprise element of not being able to preview your taken shots
  • Getting that distinct organic look and feel in the photographs
  • Involving in the art of carefully making your own prints in the process of developing the film. 

But the truth is that you do miss out on the conveniences of digital photography. By that, we meant; being able to share your images on the internet.

If you’re a film photographer, at some point, you’ve probably wished to get the digital formats of the pictures you have clicked with your darling film camera. Just like you, someone back then might have thought of digitising photographs. And that’s when the film roll scanners came into existence. 

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The need for film scanners was real!

Isn’t it great that you can “scan your film rolls to get digital results?” The upshot of the photography advancements brought this to us, which is now more like a boon to the film community! They don’t have to let go of their “priceless old film cameras” just for the sake of so-called digitisation. The advent of film scanners has had a major impact on the traditional photo lab. Film scanners are used for digitisation, and they are now an integral part of every darkroom. 

The question was; can these film reels survive the storm of digitisation? 

The downfall of physical photographs (film reels) was heartbreaking… Many people and professional photographers found themselves with boxes of old film reels and negatives—that no longer had room in modern society. In favour of following this digital format, photo prints and negatives were lost somewhere under the sheet of dust. But with…

Photo digitisation, things got easier!

Photo digitisation is a gift to the entire film community and is the best example that proves Digital photography didn’t leave Analog photography behind the curve! Both are soul sisters, walking shoulder to shoulder. Digital photo scanning has recently become quite popular, allowing us to convert physical photos into a digital format. 

Indeed, photo scanning, development, and printing solutions are available for photos in almost any format, no matter how old or outdated the physical photos are. And yes, photo digitisation saved the film community from a major collapse. Indeed Photo digitisation is a thing here that is now here to stay! 

Now that we’re already talking about film roll scanners and photo digitisation, let’s let it go without talking about Noritsu…

Peripheral devices like Noritsu’s film scanners

Photo processing equipment is made to create a “minilab,” which refers to a small photographic developing and printing machine. Yes, this Noritsu printing solution was to compete with those large centralised photo-developing labs. Since many retail stores were using film or digital minilabs to provide on-site photo finishing solutions, the company came up with this alternative. The mainstay of this company business was the QSS, i.e., a quick service system that works like an automatic photo development system.

Noritsu has revolutionised photofinishing already!

Known for revolutionising that one-hour photo printing in 1976 with its QSS minilab, Noritsu delivers innovative products to the photo-imaging market to beat challenges! 

Noritsu printing solutions are outcomes of the Quick Service System, introduced to revolutionise the photography industry. 

No wonder Noritsu is among the world’s largest manufacturers of photo processing and digital imaging systems today! Since Noritsu is leading the photofinishing industry by developing innovative hardware and software solutions, it can be part of your photo lab.

Noritsu Printing

Why choose Noritsu? 

Australian Photo Supplies have the answer: Choosing a film scanner is highly considered a matter of personal preference. Still, if you want to know why most of the photogs choose Noritsu and why it is highly admirable, follow the key features mentioned below.

Faster processing time 

Be it capturing or developing a photograph, the timing makes a big difference! And Noritsu scanners and printers perform astoundingly well when it comes to turnaround time. It doesn’t add any steps to its digital post; everything is straightforward, which means it is faster at doing its job. Whether scanning 35mm film roll or film slides, it does that in a matter of seconds and offers better and more efficient photo scanning than ever. 

Large file size and better pixel structure 

The more pixels a photograph has, the larger it can be displayed in digital and analog form. Small, medium, or large; no matter what exactly the scan size is, the actual pixel length and width of Noritsu scans are larger than any other scanner. Noritsu even handles both underexposed and overexposed films more precisely.

Moreover, Noritsu scans aren’t just bigger; they have an enhanced organic quality, also! When a Noritsu printing device scans film negatives into a high-resolution digital format, the pixel configuration lends itself much better to “freezing” up the images in photo editors like Lightroom or Photoshop for post-photography processes.

Noritsu Products

Why buy Noritsu Products? 

In pursuit of getting high-quality photo prints, Noritsu could be the best equipment for digital photo imaging. Whether it’s a film scanner printer, printing paper, or any other photo finishing equipment, below are reasons to prefer Noritsu over any other brand.

  • Leading the photofinishing industry
  • Lower overall costs
  • Easy-to-use systems
  • Operates in an eco-friendly manner

Where to get these products from?

Australian Photo Supplies is your go-to supplier if you are a film photographer or a photo development lab needing Noritsu film printing or scanning solutions. Digitise those films now; It is time to showcase those beautiful photographs which still exist as negative film rolls in your dark room. 

and keep shooting film

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Notitus Printing: High Quality Printing Solutions for Your Creative Products

When it comes to printing solutions, Notitus is a name that is synonymous with high quality prints and reliable equipment. As one of the leading manufacturers of printing equipment in the industry, Notitus has been providing businesses and individuals with the most reliable equipment for over 60 years. Their high capacity printers and multi printer workflow management systems make them an industry standard for professional printing needs.

The Notitus printing equipment is designed to deliver the highest quality prints with automatic corrections to ensure that your images look their best. Whether you are looking to produce large format prints or high-quality photo prints, Notitus printers offer the best possible prints that meet the demands of the professional printing industry.

High Quality Prints with Automatic Corrections

One of the key features of Notitus printers is their automatic correction technology, which enables the printers to automatically adjust the color, brightness, and contrast of your images to produce the best possible prints. This feature makes Notitus printers the ideal choice for those who want high quality prints without having to spend a lot of time editing their images.

Notitus printers also offer high capacity, which means that they can produce a large number of prints in a short amount of time. This makes them perfect for businesses that require a high volume of prints or for individuals who need to produce a large number of prints quickly.

Multi Printer Workflow Management

Notitus printing solutions also offer multi printer workflow management systems that enable you to manage multiple printers from a single location. This feature makes it easy to manage your printing workflow, ensuring that your prints are produced quickly and efficiently.

With Notitus printing solutions, you can create creative products such as photo albums, canvases, and other creative products that meet the highest standards of quality. Notitus printers deliver high-quality prints with vivid colors, sharp details, and accurate skin tones that make your images come to life.

Industry Standard Printing Equipment

Notitus printers are the industry standard for professional printing needs, and their high-quality printing solutions have made them a favorite among businesses and individuals who want the best possible prints. With their reliable equipment and automatic correction technology, Notitus printers make it easy to produce high-quality prints that meet the demands of the professional printing industry.

In conclusion, Notitus printing solutions offer high quality printing solutions that are designed to produce the highest quality prints. With their automatic corrections, high capacity, and multi printer workflow management systems, Notitus printers make it easy to produce high-quality prints quickly and efficiently. Their reliable equipment and industry standard reputation make them the ideal choice for businesses and individuals who demand the best possible prints for their creative products.