Discover the amazing Noritsu QSS GREEN IV Photographic Printer

A quality photographic printer can transform the way you print your essential work! Do you need to replace your current printer? Or do you want to buy your first printer? You are at the right place where you will get to know about the best quality QSS GREEN IV printer. With this exceptional device, you can expect high-quality photographic prints.

Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd. is a renowned Japanese holding company. Its subsidiaries manufacture and sell audio, pen-nib, and more components. The QSS GREEN IV printer is the latest great product by Noritsu for large volume photographic printing. Follow the reading and learn more about the printer.

Noritsu QSS GREEN IV Photographic Printer

What is a QSS GREEN IV Printer?

QSS GREEN IV is a photographic printer designed and built by Noritsu company. It is excellent for pure photo production, as well it works for individual value-added photo production. One thing to notice about the product is that it prints on one side. Usually, the equipment accepts printing paper rolls of up to 30.5 cm/12 inches.

Moreover, the printer has the capability to give the output of photos in various formats. These can range from 9 x 9 cm to 30 x 61 cm and also go up to 30 x 175cm panorama format. When it comes to the printing resolution, this printer provides either 720 x 720 or 1440 x 1440 dpi. On the other hand, a sorter is not included in the printer but can be attached when required.

Brief Product Overview

The following are some qualities of the QSS GREEN IV printer:

Different Printing Options

The QSS Green IV has a number of print output options. It has a 12″ wide roll paper path and is also capable of printing up to 69.2″ in length, a truly epic panorama image!.

The capability and versatility of the Dual Roll system

The printer has two roll configurations, this aids in boosting production speed and aids the efficiency. You can save time or increase the output by switching out paper to accelerate the workflow.

Design Saves Space

QSS GREEN IV printer has a clever compact design. It is also an extremely robust printer unit that only requires minimal floor space, this means more space to elevate your other retail sales.

Automatic Print Sorting

The efficiency of the printing is also possible with an optional automatic print sorting unit. You can pre-sort the orders and make the packaging quick, easy and accurate, no more mixed orders.


Exciting Features of Noritsu QSS GREEN IV Printer

Check some exceptional features of this QSS GREEN IV printer by Noritsu:


QSS GREEN IV printer is a high speed photographic quality inkjet machine for printing on photographic paper rolls. It is for one side and pure and has many inbuilt clever value-added photo production benefits.


The printer can easily manage digital image data inputs in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, DNG, RAW, TIFF, and S/W.


Noritsu propriety Piezo-inkjet technology is used in this printer, which involves four colours along with variable Dot Size Manipulation (DSM).


There is an optional exterior paper magazine to increase flexibility if required, as well as  the clever and simple internal spindles for paper rolls, which are standard. Paper widths are up to 305 mm or 12 inches.  The print path includes a series of easy-to-clean absorbers in the paper deck, that constantly remove ink and dust particles. This ensures minimal issues with print head

High Print Quality With Innovative Profile Switching

QSS GREEN IV printer offers top print quality with different options for profile switching. Check below:

  • Full-Colour Inkjet (AgX) – delivers vibrant and clean images
  • Emulate traditional printing (IJ) – for those clients who wish the more traditional colour gamuts
  • Soft Finish (Portrait) – ideal for wedding and commercial printing

The printer supports the native Raw file for lossless printing. Noritsu’s EZ Controller management system, give every Noritsu an entirely professional workflow software solution. It handles all the tasks counting, from print order management to the minor to effective image correction. It does this quickly, efficiently and accurately ever time.

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