Personalise Your Home with Your Kids Photos and Artwork

Personal touches make your house a home, and there’s no better way to personalise your home than with family photos and artworks. Children are prolific artists, producing works of art at home, preschool, and school every day. And family photos are a wonderful way of preserving precious, childhood memories. But finding ways to incorporate your kids’ photos and artwork into your home décor can be difficult. Today we are going to look at how to personalise your home by turning your kids’ photos and art into stunning displays.

Personalise Your Home with Your Kids Photos and Artwork

1: Sort Everything!

The end of the year, or school holidays, are the ideal times for a good tidy up. Begin by sorting through all your photos and your kids’ artwork to decide on what to keep. When it comes to artwork, be ruthless and only keep significant pieces. By doing this, you save room for next year’s masterpieces. You can do the same with your photos; sort out the most precious memories to have on display.

professional framing kids photos

2: Professional Framing

While there are plenty of cheap frames available, we recommend you get your kids’ photos and artwork professionally framed. This ensures they are kept safely, presented beautifully, and will last for years to come. And by getting your photos and artwork professionally framed you can ensure that the frames will suit your décor.

displaying kids art

3: Displaying Kids Photos and Artwork

How you display your kids’ photos and artwork makes all the difference. And there are a number of ways you can do so. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below:

pairing portraits

Pairing Up Portraits

A beautiful way of displaying your kids’ photo portraits is by pairing them up. Photos of your kids from holidays or events make stunning display options. You can display them under larger photos or a favourite painting. Or you can pair your kids’ photos with their artwork, especially if the artworks match the photos – like pairing your kids’ artwork of a favourite holiday with a photo of them taken during that event. It is a beautiful way of telling a story while also personalising your décor.

kids photo wall

A Gallery Wall Display

One of the favourite ways to display photos and artwork is a gallery wall display. These are usually found in living rooms or family rooms where you spend most of your time. Gallery displays can be beautifully done in a wide range of sies and different, complementary frames. You can lay out your kids’ photos and artwork in a set grid pattern or in a stunning, asymmetrical display. A gallery display of kids’ and family photos, and artwork makes your room feel warmer and more personal.

hallway gallery

The Classic Hallway Gallery

The most popular way to display your kids’ photos and artwork is the hallway gallery. Hallways are fantastic blank canvases for displaying photos and artwork of all types. And it is a stunning, warm introduction to your home for family, friends, and guests.

kids photos kitchen

Create a Stunning Kitchen Photo Gallery

You don’t have to limit your kids’ photos and artwork to the living room or hallways. And you don’t need to by a thousand kitchen magnets to display artworks on the fridge. Instead, consider creating a kitchen photo gallery. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense to display our favourite pieces of kids’ artwork and their photos there. We recommend keeping gallery walls a plain colour, with white being the best to make these photos and artworks truly shine.

kids photos dining room

Personalise Your Dining Space

Dining rooms and breakfast nooks are ideal spaces to display your kids’ artwork and photos. Not only does it bring a warm, personal touch to these spaces, it is also a cute point of discussion when friends and family come over. And a mi of frames creates the sense that you have curated these images over time.

floor to ceiling display

Floor-to-Ceiling Display

Ideal for staircases and rooms with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling displays look stunning and impressive. They are beautiful ways to personalise your home with photos and artwork of your kids. And these large displays give you an option of image sizes and frames to create a truly personal, curated gallery. You can display larger photos and artworks, while giving people plenty to look at when entering a room or climbing stairs. They are perfect for display by spiral staircases where you can follow the display upward.

kids art photo grid

Simple Grid Arrangements

A simple grid arrangement is ideal when you have a range of photos and artwork that are the same size. A simple, equilateral arrangement looks stunning with black photo frames on a white wall. They are especially striking if you use black and white images.

kids photos asymmetrical

Asymmetrical Arrangements

Looking for something more rustic? An asymmetrical display looks stunning in homes with a vintage air. These displays are ideal if you have a range of kids’ photos and artwork of different sizes. And they look incredible with an eclectic mix of photo frames. And they look fantastic when paired beside a stonework wall, and can give you a great, airy feel.

photo ledge

A Photo Ledge

Phot ledges and photo rails have been popular ways to display artwork and photos since the 1840s. they give a neat, sophisticated way to display your kids’ photos and artwork, alongside other fine art pieces. Photo ledges are also a great way to overlap frames, creating depth by arranging photos and artworks of different sizes. This allows you to create visual interest without taking up an entire wall.

kids photos desk

Desk Photo Display

The home office is the perfect place to display family photos and artwork. This allows you to personalise your home, without dramatic displays throughout the house. An artful array of photo frames on your desk can beautifully display your kids’ photos and artwork where you can enjoy them all day. Working from home can be isolating, so having a beautiful array of family photos and artwork can create a warm, loving environment.

kids art placemat

4: Creative Placemats

For those who don’t want to display kids’ artwork on the walls, laminating their artwork gives you an array of options. Not only does it make it easy and safe to store, but you can get creative. Turning kid artwork into placemats makes for a cute addition to the family breakfast table or dinner table. And with a never-ending supply of art from your kids, you will have plenty of fun placemats on hand for years to come!

kids photos album

5: Storing Kids’ Photos and Artwork

Large folders and dedicated art binders are wonderful ways to store your children’s art. Like photo albums, art binders and portfolio books have protective sleeves to preserve these artistic marvels and can be stored flat. These binders can be added to your collection of photo albums, to be brought out and enjoyed at anytime. Those who enjoy scrapbooking can add tabs for significant events or date dividers. You can also use these albums to store art and photos together, creating a beautiful display of memories. No matter your kids’ ages, art keeps things interesting.

digitising photos

6: Digitising Kids Photos

Another favourite way of storing and displaying kids’ photos and artwork is digitising. There are several apps and programs available to help you digitise, organise, save, and share your kids’ photos and artwork digitally. By digitising your photos and art, you can add special features like web galleries, timelines, and even narration. Some services even allow you to transform these digitised pieces into hardcover art and photo books. These digitised photos and art can then be easily sent and shared with family and friends.

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